Free Download STDU Viewer [Portable]

STDU Viewer is  document viewer for multiple file formats and handy utility designed to replace multiple document viewers with a single simple application. STDU Viewer supports TIFF, PDF, DjVu, XPS, JBIG2 document formats. These are the most popular formats for scientific and technical documentation. 

Additionally STDU Viewer supports FB2, TXT, Comic Book Archive (CBR or CBZ), TCR, DCX and image (BMP, PCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, PSD) files. 

STDU Viewer has multilanguage interface. For this moment you can choose from English, Russian or French languages. You can translate interface of STDU Viewer for your own language by changing strings in external resource xml. 

STDU Viewer has modern tabbed interface, and all standard features for this type of application (thumnails view, rotate page, search by text layer, etc). Also STDU Viewer has some extended features as: export page or part of page into image file, create your own bookmark, setting action for tap screen and some else.

If document supports text layer (TXT, TCR, FB2, PDF, XPS or Djvu file), then STDU Viewer helps you export text from this type of documents to the file. You can export all text from document or text from some selected pages. 

You can use STDU Viewer as converter from DjVu and PDF files to the set of image files (BMP, GIF, PNG etc) which represent pages of source document 

Note : Free for non-commercial or education use. For commercial use, it is necessary to register.

Requirements :
· GDI Plus
· Intel / AMD compatible at 1 GHz or higher
· 512 MB or higher

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sip gan:D,bisa buat liat file apa aja..

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